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Acceptance (Iroh II X reader) LEMON :iconmaimaikawaii29:MaimaiKawaii29 1 0
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~Finally~ :iconmaimaikawaii29:MaimaiKawaii29 0 0
What you doing? Show us the D by MaimaiKawaii29
Mature content
What you doing? Show us the D :iconmaimaikawaii29:MaimaiKawaii29 0 1
Just a random drawing :) by MaimaiKawaii29 Just a random drawing :) :iconmaimaikawaii29:MaimaiKawaii29 1 3 Happy Birthday Cross! {Ursula/Star Gardians} by MaimaiKawaii29 Happy Birthday Cross! {Ursula/Star Gardians} :iconmaimaikawaii29:MaimaiKawaii29 1 0
Voltron Legendary Defenders OC song/theme
Kyliu & Kol
Before Zarkon's arrival:
Kyliu's theme:
Kol's Theme:
Kyliu's & Kol's theme:
Kol's death theme:
Kychulia's theme:
Cocoon's theme:
Midgard's theme:
Kanyalu's theme:
Valond's Theme:
Darunia's theme:
Shiro & Kyliu:
song :
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Another nightmare
Everyone in the Castle were asleep after saving balmera a good night of sleep was needed for everyone. Even so Kyliu didn't won't to go back to sleep, she was indeed really tired....but everytime she would close Her eyes she would see Her fallen lover's face, Kol, not a face full of Life And happiness , or a face that looked at Her with such love for her, no , a face with eyes closed, blood in the corner of is mouth, this face was the last memory of him engraved in Her mind, it was the memory of that fatefull day where everything went bad, when the galrans attacked Her planet, when Her lover died by they're hands, when she first lost control And went in byliasa mode, when she was captured by them.
She had dreamed of that day again , And was now in tears in Her bed, she was exhausted but she didn't want to see this memory again so she got up from Her bed, almost falling Due to exhaustion but she catched herself before falling, she looked at herself in the mirror, she didn't reconise her
:iconmaimaikawaii29:MaimaiKawaii29 2 5
Voltron Legendary Defenders OC by MaimaiKawaii29 Voltron Legendary Defenders OC :iconmaimaikawaii29:MaimaiKawaii29 4 7 Lo by MaimaiKawaii29 Lo :iconmaimaikawaii29:MaimaiKawaii29 0 0 Lo by MaimaiKawaii29 Lo :iconmaimaikawaii29:MaimaiKawaii29 0 4 BH6 OC Asling by MaimaiKawaii29 BH6 OC Asling :iconmaimaikawaii29:MaimaiKawaii29 10 8 Total Drama Island and World tour OC by MaimaiKawaii29 Total Drama Island and World tour OC :iconmaimaikawaii29:MaimaiKawaii29 3 0 Total Drama OC by MaimaiKawaii29 Total Drama OC :iconmaimaikawaii29:MaimaiKawaii29 2 0 Ashalinda's bio for YJ season 2 by MaimaiKawaii29 Ashalinda's bio for YJ season 2 :iconmaimaikawaii29:MaimaiKawaii29 4 5 Another Minecraftian selfie by MaimaiKawaii29 Another Minecraftian selfie :iconmaimaikawaii29:MaimaiKawaii29 2 2 My Joker/Harley Halloween costume by MaimaiKawaii29 My Joker/Harley Halloween costume :iconmaimaikawaii29:MaimaiKawaii29 4 3


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Mature content
Catwoman X Batman .hetero tag. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 1,010 0
Carly Lewis by AlliePeachfan Carly Lewis :iconalliepeachfan:AlliePeachfan 1 0 Leon Vendetta 2 by Taitiii Leon Vendetta 2 :icontaitiii:Taitiii 41 5 it's not even close to winter by spectral-zura it's not even close to winter :iconspectral-zura:spectral-zura 21 9 [ Break Lunch ] by tifany1988 [ Break Lunch ] :icontifany1988:tifany1988 6 4 Manga Creator: Vampire Hunter page.8 by Rinmaru Manga Creator: Vampire Hunter page.8 :iconrinmaru:Rinmaru 278 17
Voltron Legendary Defender Seven in Heaven - Shiro
       Standing in the center of the room with his hand to his chin, Lance looked over the remaining group of people and thought. “You know, this would be a lot simpler if I could see who actually looked excited to play and who didn't.” He sighed. “I tell you what, instead of me picking, one of you should just come up here.” Smiling to himself, Lance picked up the bottle and waited for someone to claim it. He didn't have to wait long either. The moment he'd allowed you to volunteer yourself, you did. Surprised at how quickly you'd appeared, Lance actually took a step back. “Man, you must be seriously excited to play. You practically ran up here.”
Already grasping for the bottle he held in his hands, you eagerly nodded. “Of course I'm excited to play. Why wouldn't I be?”
“I'm just making sure. That's my job as host you know.” Leaning in close, Lane painting the most charming smile he could muster on his lips
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 46 5
Demon Dayz by Estrella-Angel Demon Dayz :iconestrella-angel:Estrella-Angel 44 7 :: Hugs :: [Karen and Saxor] by sophloulou :: Hugs :: [Karen and Saxor] :iconsophloulou:sophloulou 9 0 Date+One on one!? by Koumi-senpai Date+One on one!? :iconkoumi-senpai:Koumi-senpai 443 35



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My Name is (F/N), and I love General Iroh II with all my heart, my soul and my body. But I won’t say anything, he is the prince of the Fire Nation, grand-son of Fire Lord Zuko.

I developed feelings for that general that I wasn’t planning on having, I’m just a girl, I’m nothing important, I was just helping Avatar Korra take down Amon,

when I saw him, The world stopped around me for a split second until I reminded myself that I had a mission, that I couldn’t arbor such feelings for this incredible man.

I fought next to him, I fought for all the poor souls that felt like a part of them were missing, I wanted to bring them justice, even if at the time I tough that it wouldn’t bring they’re bending back.

After the fight, he approached me, told me that I fought bravely out there, I felt pride swell up inside me, I was so happy that he complimented me. He stayed for a few months helping around republic city, I would try to be everywhere he was, just to catch a glimpse of this beautiful man. I was so desperate,

I was content to just watching him from afar for a while, until my heart began telling me that it wasn’t enough anymore, that’s when I realised that I should have stopped before it came to this.

My heart would hurt whenever seeing him, it would long for something I can’t have. Then one day we began to talk everytime we saw each other, we became close friends fast, but it wasn’t enough…

When he left I tough that it would hurt less, how wrong was I, I was already to deep in, he lured me in without knowing and there was no way out.
I knew, I still know to this day that it’s not possible….

Our status is different, he is a prince, a general. I’m just a girl, Whose father was taken by Amon, I’m nothing special, I’m just a earthbender… and the age difference, when I fought along side him I was 22, while he was 36, what would people think?

Amon had taken my fathers bending, then my older sister’s. We had lost my mother to a disease 2 years prior, and after my dad lost his bending he wasn’t the same ever again, he passed away 3 weeks later. Then it was only my Sister and I.

Still to this day I wished I had did everything in my power to keep dad from dying, Avatar Korra could have given him his bending back. After his death I had felt miserable, darkness was overtaking me, my mind was slowly killing me with comments of ‘you’re useless’ ‘you’re an awful daughter’ and then I saw him, he was the light that saved me,bjust seeing him was enough to bring me out of the darkness over taking me….slowly, painfully, and then one day being is close friend wasn’t enough, the voices came back…

Today is my birthday, I’m turning 23 today, it’s been a few months since Amon. And my sisters Decided to surprise me with a party, I should have know since Avatar Korra and Mako were acting kind of off, but nonetheless I had fun with them, for once I didn’t feel like a third wheel of them. Then they guided me to the air temple where the party was being held, I don’t know how Sis did to convince Master Tenzin to held my birthday in the temple.

My sister had invited quite a lot of people, she wanted me to feel loved as much as possible, and so that’s why right now she had locked me in my bedroom -that I got after our father died at the air temple- with Iroh, sometimes I regret confiding in her so easily, sometimes she even claims to be my dairy just to tease me a little.

The general and I were in quite the awkward silence at the moment, some minutes ago I was trying to talk my sister out of keeping us in there with no success. I felt kind of exposed considering the man I love is in my bedroom looking around , he was sitting like me on my bed, after some more silence he decided to speak:

“Do you have any Idea why your sister would lock us up here?”

Oh yes I do have a really big idea to why, of course I didn’t say that

“O-oh, I don’t know”

He sighed and turned is body to me, gave me a smile and said:

“Well at least we got to catch up, it as been a while since we last saw each other”

And so we began talking and laughing like usual, like usual…

my sister got me the opportunity to talk to him in private without being interrupted I shouldn’t waste this opportunity. After a moment of comfortable silence, and me just hesitating like usual, I decided to tell him.

I turned my face away from him and said:

“What would you say if I told you that I loved you as more than a friend?”

I had said this almost above a whisper but I knew he heard, I bit my lip already regretting my choice, the voices were coming back, the darkness was slowly creeping in and then I felt the covers of the bed slightly move and suddenly sensed Iroh right next to me, I then felt his gloved hand on my cheek, turning my face so he could see me.
He then told me with an almost shy smile and the tiniest bit of red on his cheeks:

“And what If I told you that I love you too”

At that my face became as red as he’s coat, my eyes were as big as dinner plates, the darkness was overtaken by light, the voices not to be heard, my heart bursting with joy.

“How? When?” I was surprised I wanted to know.

He snickered and smiled bigger:

“Ever since that time I saw you practice your earthbending with such grace, and also the fact that I had begun talking to you…. and how? Well your laugh, the way you blush at times around me, the way you want to bring peace and justice, your everything”

During is little speech our faces had been getting closer and closer, his breath was fanning over my lips, and in an attempt of courage I closed the gap, closing my eyes, and bringing my arms around his neck, his hands firmly grasping my waist, and suddenly I was taking him with me in the bed, collapsing in it on my back, we were still kissing, locked in each other’s embrace, not caring about anything happening around.

We broke the kiss, I was blushing like no tomorrow, we were smiling at each other, and surprising of my usual shy demeanour I told him:

“You don’t know for how long I’ve wanted to do this….” taking satisfaction in his surprised face I added

“since it’s my birthday, I want a specific present….”

Overcoming his surprise he interrogated further:

“ and what would you want?”

Letting my arms fall on each side of my head I told him with new found confidence:

“For you to make love to me….please”

For the first time in my life I saw him flustered, like a teenage boy, and I’ll have to be honest I found it really cute, and also I was kind of happy that I could make him like this.

With a flustered fashion that I didn’t know he had until now he began ranting:

“A-are YOU sure? I mean isn’t it a little sudden ? I don’t want you to regret it after wards, I mean it’s not that I don’t want to but I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or-”

I cut him off:

“Iroh, I’m sure , I want you, I-I need you, And don’t worry I’m not gonna regret it”

Once more sweet, handsome Iroh was still worried about me, but I could see that he wanted it as much as me:

“ (Y/N) are you really sure? 100% sur-”

I cut him off with a kiss, then when the call for oxygen made it’s demand I continued:

“Please Iroh, what more should I say to make you believe me, I” kiss “need” kiss “you” kiss

“unless you don’t want to of course”

“Y-yes I want to, of course, I’m just making sure…”

“Then stop making sure and love me already, general….”

He finally let himself go, and kissed me with more passion than I had ever been kissed in my life, I was being so engrossed in the kiss he was giving me that I hadn’t sensed him taking my clothes off, I was now almost naked, the only things remaining being my undergarments, he broke the passionate kiss, and began tracing he’s lips on my neck, feeling is hot breath on the skin there giving me goosebumps, he then began softly kissing my neck, he continued to travel south kissing the skin as he went, and then stopped at my breast,

He was going to take my bra off, until I stopped him, knowing him he would begin to overthink it so I told him:

“Nu-hu not until you undress yourself too, it’s only fair”

He let out a sigh of relief, and got off the bed, and with his back turned to me, he began undressing himself , and I wasn’t complaining since I had quite the nice view, when he turned around I was grinning, Iroh looked at me with a confused expression but shrugged it off and moved back on top of me, kissing me again, I moved my hands across his back living goosebumps where my fingers had moved, and this time I let him take my bra off.

He stopped all his actions, and gazed down at my breast, I began blushing, then suddenly he grasped my right boob and flicked is tongue on my right nipple, surprised I let out a gasp, he continued for a while until he took it in his mouth and sucked, at this I let out a moan of his name, he did this for 5 minutes and then did the same thing to my other breast. During this I began stroking my legs together to get some friction , he noticed but didn’t do anything to help, so I decided to try and make him go faster by telling him:

“I-Iroh, h-hurry up, please, I-I need something down there…”

Iroh simply looked at me  and stroked my waist to my hips with his hand. Then he let go of my breast and began going south living kisses and little nips from time to time. At one point I felt his hands opening my legs and sensed his breath on my clothed entrance , he looked at me making sure my eyes were on him and then closed his eyes giving a little kiss there, I was blushing madly and his kiss left a little jolt of pleasure were he had kissed, the jolt left me wanting more.

He saw my desperate gaze and hooked his fingers on the bands of the last article of clothing that remained. When my panties were disposed of his left hand began stroking my entreance, I moaned:

“I-Iroh! Ah~ y-yeeees~”

At this he blushed a little and spread my entrance with two digits making me gasp his name again, then I felt his long middle finger, strocking along my slit, and feeling the tip of his finger almost entering me, making me buck my hips, pleading him to let his finger enter me, he dragged the finger up to my clit were I let a moan of pleasure slip, and suddenly felt his thumbs spreading my pussy open, making me open my legs more.

I then felt his tongue dragging itself over my wet entrance to my clitoris, at the sudden contact I arched my back and let out a long moan:

“A-ah! Mmmh~ s-so good~ I-Iroh please m-more~”

He blushed again and said:

“As you wish darling”

And licked me faster, I was in heaven, all the jolts of pleasure he was giving me were driving me mad, making me crave the general even more.

Then he stopped to my annoyance and finally I felt something inside, he had trusted his middle finger inside, my walls clenched around his finger, and I looked at Iroh and told him :

“P-please general give me more pleasure, I-I want more”

And then I bucked my hips onto is hand , I saw his eyes widen and then he was trusting his finger inside while licking and sucking at my clit, his eyes closed with concentration. I couldn’t stop the moans from pouring out, it felt so good.

He then added another digit, and began curling them inside, I arched my back once more and he saw that as a sign to do it again so he did. After 15 minutes of it my walls were clenching around is fingers, My incoherent words were more urgent:

“I-Iroh! I-I….ah~ ah~ Mmmh~ d-don’t stop!”

And then I cummed , I let a sigh of content slip out , and opened my eyes, I looked at Iroh, and exploded in a blush when I saw him Wipe his mouth with the back of his hand, it was so sexy, he then looked at me seriously and asked:

“ (Y/N)  I love you and I just wanna make sure that you don’t regret, we can stop now you if you want, I won’t hate you for it”

I looked at him equally as serious and told him:

“I want to Iroh, I already told you before, I’m sure”

I stroked is cheek

“Iroh I love you and I want to continue”

He nodded and took is underwear off, is cock was hard, and I couldn’t stop thinking that I, (Y/N), made him hard.

He took my hips in his hands and put them right in front of his length, and took himself in his hand ready to put it inside me, but before this I added:

“Just so you know I’m not a virgin”

I saw some sort of disappointment almost jealousy go in his eyes, and then he plunged himself in me, grasping my hips in his hands, I couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure, I was completely overtaken by passion and love. I thrusted my hips getting used to the rhythm he had, it was fast, but not to fast, I hear him groan my name under his breath, and decided to go a little faster, to which I got:

“(Y-Y/n) uuh~”

When he trusted a little more roughly I responded:

“Ah! Please harder! I-I’m not gonna b-brea-”

Even before finishing my sentence his thrust got a little more rough, and I liked it, he was growling and groaning my name, he filled me so perfectly, I loved it.

I tightened around him which made it even more enjoyable, I loved that feeling and I felt like he did to.

“(Y-Y/N)! A-almost t-there”

Hearing this I went faster:

“Mmmmh Irooooh~ I-I feel sooo g-good~”

I was about to come too, I bit my lip and moaned :

“I-Iroh! I! I’m! Ah! I love you!”

he came, and collapsed next to me, we took a breath back and smiled at each other, he approached my face and kissed me. we stood up and dressed back up, I opened a window, did The Bed, and after 15 minutes my sister opened the door and let us out, we went back to the party hand in hand.
Acceptance (Iroh II X reader) LEMON
So here a little lemon cause
So yeah I finally decided to write something, I think I'm gonna write something for Mako too

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I was in class it was almost ending, two more minutes and I can go out the door and go back to the dormitory~ You see I'm a student at a prestigious school that my caretaker -John De Sauveterre, that I had a crush on until sometime ago- put me in after taking me in, Why he took me in? Story for another time people~ Also my name is Clow Jin, just so you know. I was currently spying on the one that stole my heart, and stopped my crush on John, and this boy was Ryuk, from his real name Ryuko Robert, I know girly name but if only you could see him with his wavey black hair tied in a little ponytail, his deep green hues that pulls me in Everytime I look him In the eyes, and his cute little freckles~ He was handsome and nice, and also really good in the class I was currently in, Biology, really biology wasn't my thing, and the teacher could see it by what he says at every chance he get's to see John or even Melody -The first person John took in- really that teacher was annoying.
The bell rang I packed my bag in record time and went out the door, I was walking to the dormitory until I heard my name being called, I turned and saw Ryuk, when he was just before me he asked:
"Hey, um I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out at my dorm?"
Oh holy shit, be quick Clow, I answered him trying to hide my existent at his proposal
"Yes of course! When?"
He answered me, with an emotion in his eyes that I couldn't quite place
"What about now?"
I was a little taken of guard but I said yes anyways.
He led me to his dorm, I was feeling pretty lucky today, Ryuk and me where kind of friends, my dorm mate had introduced us, said I needed some social skills, and good friends, and even tough Ryuk and I didn't hang out often -because of my shyness around him- he was always there when you needed him.
We finally made it to his dorm, I entered and he closed the door behind him, wait was that a click I heard?
"Um, Ryuk why did you lock the door?"
He turned around and when I saw his face I could feel my heart pounding and excitement go trough my veins, he looked at me, he imagining what he wanted to do to me now that I was here, and he told me with a husky voice
"You don't know for how long I wanted you here"
He then kissed me with such passion that made my knees go weak, sensing that he carried me bridal style to -I imagine- his bed, and continued to kiss me adding his tongue ,that I could not refuse, in. He trailed kisses down my neck and was starting to get me out of the blaser and shirt of the schools uniform. I was blushing like a red tomato, I then asked him suddenly worried
"W-where's-ahhh- your d-dormaaaaate~" It was hard to talk with is hand caressing my crotch covered by my boxers and pants, he answered me happy with how I was reacting to his ministrations.
"Don't worry he's not coming back until tomorrow evening, which gives us even more time to enjoy our time together" he then licked his lips and sucked on my right nipple, I sighed in pleasure at this, after knowing that the idea of not getting caught was out the window made me relax. He was sucking my nipple, then licking it, putting it between is teeth, until it was hard while pinching and rolling my other nipple between his fingers. I was really liking it, the sensations he was giving my nipples were going to my crotch who I was begin to feel harden. After having both my nipples hard he put hickeys all over my torso, collarbone and neck, proving I was his, and I wasn't complaining. Ryuk trailed his dominate hand down my neck to my stomach and continued to trail to finally be over my crotch, I bucked my hips telling him I wanted his hand to caresse me there again, he smirked but didn't caresse me, he plunged his hand in my boxers and took my cock in his hand, firmly, I cried in surprise and pleasure at his action, looking at my penis he told me
"WOW~ will you look at that our little Clow is already so hard for me" he put his tumb over my gland tapping it, my cock twitched at this and his smirk widened " and there's also pre-cum coming out, I never tough even in my dreams your body would react so well~" he began stroking my cock firmly up and down, I couldn't help but buck my hips into his hands, I wanted more, I wanted his hand to do more to me, I tried speaking out trough my pants and moan of pleasure
"R-R-Ryuk -aaaaah- p-please h-haaaaarder~ I n-need moreee -ooooh- pleasure"
He stroked me harder at this, but pinned my hips down with his other hand so I couldn't move them, He was so good with his hands, I then felt like something was gonna come out
"A-ah ah ah I-I'm go-onnaaaaa c-comeeeee if you don't stoooooop"
When he heard that he stopped, and I bucked my hips
"N-No don't stop" he looked at me and blushed a little , he took my pants and boxers out and trew them in a forgotten corner of the room. He then stripped down, and I saw his cock, it was beautiful and big, even better than in my imagination, he was erected but pre-cum wasn't coming out, so I had an idea, I told him to seat on the edge of the bed, I got out of the bed and kneeled so I was face to face to his cock, I took it in my left hand, and began stroking it like he had done for me, but I then licked the top of his manhood, he groaned my name, I was so proud, so I continued to happily lick to his great pleasure. I felt his hand in the back of my head, he pushed himself in my mouth, I then understood what I had to do and sucked on his hard member, he groaned
"Yes just like that mmmmh perfect, you're perfect at this Clow~" at his words I felt pride and did it harder. After some minutes of that I felt his member twitch in my mouth along the salty taste of pre-cum, he pushed my head gently and my mouth let his member go with a 'pop!' He put me back on the bed and gently pushed me on my back, he then approached his mouth to my hear and told me
"I'm gonna put my fingers in is that alright?"
I nobbed my head eagerly, waiting for his fingers with anticipation. He put lube on his pointer finger, How he had lube I didn't know, but I wanted it as much as he did. With one last look at my eyes he pushed his finger in, I could sense the cold lube being spread on my walls, this sensation good, I took the sheets in my knuckles , closed my legs, and moved my hips once again but with much more want than before, he added another finger , and then a third, I couldn't think straight, I was going to cum, seing this he looked at me with lust filled eyes and told me
"Nu hu hu, No coming yet Clow~"
With that he trusted his fingers once again and then took them out , I could feel my entrance being desperate for something to enter it, Ryuk took my knees in his hands and opened them, my manhood was erected and leaking pre-cum out of it on my stomach, his eyes widened and hi cheeks were set ablaze
"Clow you're so cute, I-I can't wait any longuer"
He took a condom out, opened it and rolled it on his erected member, he took my legs in his hands, rubbed his manhood on my entrance, I moaned, He looked me in the eyes and kissed me with passion and love , and then entered me, he wait until I told him he could move. When he moved I saw stars, doing it for real was even better than I had ever imagined. And by what is face was showing he liked it too.
"C-c-can I be o-on -aaaaah- top?"
His eyes widened a little and then he smirked
"O-of course"
I was now on top , my knees on each side of his hips, my hands on his stomach, I began to move slowly at first but then I began to speed up my pace, I trew my head Back with a loud moan, Ryuk was looking at me with such intensity, he was enjoying the view, and I was moaning uncontrollably , I put one hand behind me, spread my legs wider so he could see how excited I was from this, I wanted him to see what effect he had on me, in no time I came undone and Ryuk came a little after, he licked off the cum , he put in the trash the used condom, gave me a T-shirt for my pajamas and let me take a shower, after I took it I collapsed on his bed and fell asleep.

When I came out the shower Clow was asleep, I laid next to him and looked as he slept, I had wanted to make love to him for sometime now, good thing Nel went out just for me to be alone with him , I had been in love with Clow for 2 months now, eh, I dunno how long he Had been in love with me. I took him in my arms and fell asleep.

~At last, he was finally mine~
A/N: okay so first smut ever, sorry if it's bad 😬 the two characters involved are from my creation~ and if by some sort of weird magic someone finds this one-shot please give me some critics (but don't be mean with your critics)
And if you're an homophobe or just doesn't like boy on boy action don't read it I'm sorry if it's too detailed or to long 😭😭😭😭😨😨😨😨 sorryyyyyy
Hi American People

So If I could I Would have wrote something sooner but I had to go to school, So Now here I am , A french citizen being utterly choked about Trump being the President of America, My best friend this morning cried when his mom told him. This morning when I woke up My mom went into my room and told me that Trump was president , I taught she was kidding, I waited still until she told me that it was a joke, I only understood it wasn’t a joke when I went on tumblr and saw it, and seriously, WHY? WOULD ANYONE VOTE FOR A RACIT, HOMOPHOBIC LITTLE BASTARD! WHY?! Really how could America have that Awesome President Barack Obama and then have a wild Donal Trump appear and be president , just wow!

And guys I’m really scared for all of you beautiful people, if I wasn’t so far away from you all I would give you all a hug and tell you that everything’s gonna be okay (even if it’s probably not gonna be okay) So I’m Praying for your safety and I’m just praying for you all to be okay and healthy, 
now the worst thing that could happen would be Marine Le Pen being elected in France and OH GOD IF IT HAPPENS I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO THINK ANYMORE! If it happens…..we are all fucked, seriously mother of god….ugh
1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your dA page for 20 seconds.
2. Tell you a color you remind me of.
3. Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer.
6. Tell you something I like about you or your art.
7. Give you a nickname.
8. Tell you what am I watching/listening to right now.
9. Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of.
10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.

  • Listening to: My fridge trowing a party
  • Watching: You sleep


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Hi!!!! So i'm 17, I'm french I love Cloud Strife, Vergil Sparda, Dante Sparda, Leon Scott Kennedy, Richard "Dick" Grayson, Ichigo Kurosaki, Armin (from MCL), Yuu Kanda, Delsin Rowe, Genos, Jacob Frye, Tadashi Hamada, Takashi Shirogane; I'm an Otaku and i really like yaoi and I Also love cherry blossoms And I'm the ULTIMATE FANGIRL

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1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your dA page for 20 seconds.
2. Tell you a color you remind me of.
3. Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer.
6. Tell you something I like about you or your art.
7. Give you a nickname.
8. Tell you what am I watching/listening to right now.
9. Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of.
10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.

  • Listening to: My fridge trowing a party
  • Watching: You sleep



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